Reputation First Service First Quality First
  Company's idea : It is a base of the company to be hardworking and honest.
Service policy: Absolute sincerity , in time, effective
Course that the company grows up:
  The department that purchases and sells of Guangrong was established in 1989
Guangrong Bearing limited company was established in 1993
Dongguan NSK Bearing Business Department was established in 1994
Furnished funds for setting up the own warehouse, the shop and the office in 1998,
Became the first group of authorized appointed distributors of NSK in 1999
NSK Bearing Co., Ltd. of Dongguan was established in 2001
Guangzhou Guangrong Bearing Co., Ltd. was established in2004
         Values that " the customer is satisfied , respect individuals , the fulfillment is being studied constantly " we follow , having succeeded in merging foreign country's advanced standardized management mode and China's traditional culture idea , let the work be fruitful and is imbued with foresights .
標識狀態:已激活 粵工商備P191810001238
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